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New Balance WW812 offers perfect stability and exquisite comfort to your feet which works as a refresher and completes your personality. Its exterior is made up with synthetic which is of high quality and offers lightness to every step you take. Its long lasting durability is the must thing to mention as it increases the lifespan of the shoe. The collar is padded and the tongue is all plush which kicks out the debris and abrasion. The interior is also designed very carefully its foam insert also offers high-density and also conform to the feet to deliver maximum comfort. The lining is made up with soft fabric that creates a healthy environment around the feet. The foot bed is cushy and extremely absorbent which will absorb all the moisture and the best part is that it can be exchanged or removed easily. You can ever change it with a new one or it can be washed very easily. Its mid sole also plays an excellent role to deliver long lasting enduringness and extreme resistance to various surfaces. Out sole is made up by using the technique called walking strike path which will maintain the natural gait cycle. ROLLBAR has been used with medial and lateral TPU posts that delivers ultimate motion control. Rubber is used for the outsole which can deliver maximum traction on all kinds of terrains. Its Weight is 13 ounces. You can buy these in the following colors: White , Bone , Black.


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Lou from TN

After getting these shoes on and tied, they are great comfort shoes. I did feel the laces were very short as well as the tongue of the shoe, I prefer longer on both of those. I notice the short tongue more than anything. Otherwise very comfortable.

Hazel from Southern Maine

Excellent shoe - my doctor was thrilled when I showed up wearing them - all my others were given the "trash" designation. Problem feet all my life - with these I can walk with ease, didn't take time to break in, have used at gym, walking, and work.

Pat from Orofino, Idaho

I SO wish they came in more color choices. I hate them ALL having so much white on them!! The white is almost impossible to keep clean; and any color would be better. I especially like the mid-shades, not pastels OR white. Since my Dr. told me to wear them the majority of the time, I NEED ones in dark colors, hopefully some to go with black too!! :o(

Suzanne from New Bedford, MA

This is a great shoe, very comfortable, looks good too. My only little complaints are: tongues on shoes slide to side, even with ties through the slots and... got caught in the rain and maroon suede on shoes ran into the white making a pink tinge.


I found this shoe to be very comfortable, and breezy. The tongue should be a bit longer for easier grasping when slipping foot in, and pulling up on instep. Other than that, I would highly recommend it to others.

Darlene from Burleson TX

It is very lightweight and comfortable half the weight of the all leather shoe 926 which I wear when I am going to be standing or constantly on my feet. I bought it for walking and for wearing with summer things. They are more attractive than the all leather shoe and don't look as clunky/chunky.

Loretta from Oregon

Finally a shoe wide enough for my feet. I have Reumatoid Arthritis with some deformity and a very wide foot. This shoe is so comfortable I wear them all the time. I can finally forget I have shoes on and enjoy walking. They have good support and are good looking. My orthotics fit perfect too.


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