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The New Balance MW665 is the walking sneaker which offers ultimate comfort and optimal support which will lead you to an extraordinary life where there won't be any worries of feet. All the people who want to be the fast runners should buy these shoes as they will cover miles in minutes. This shoe is very lightweight and offers a perfect support and lightness while walking around. The lightweight mesh upper is present with synthetic overlays. This shoe follows the traditional lacing system with plush tongue which kicks out debris and abrasion out of the shoes. The collar is padded as well which offers maximum support to the back of the feet. The interior of the shoe is very soft as it is made up of breathable mesh lining which is light and offers a healthy environment. The insole is also very cushy and supportive and absorbs all the moisture that keeps your feet dry and healthy the whole day. The lacing closure offers a secure fit. The EVA midsole is very durable as well. The midfoot offers great shock absorption. The outsole is made up with rubber which is durable and strong yet flexible enough to mold with your feet. Its weight is 11 ounces. You can buy these in the following colors: Silver/Blue.



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Anna from Boston, Massachusetts

I like the shoe a lot because it rises higher around the ankle than the normal shoe and gives better support. I find that it also is very comfortable and cushions very well. The support is very good for me, especially since I just had back surgery. It cushions each step.

Sharon Green from Lamoni, Iowa

The shoe comes high on my ankle bone causing a red area. When walking a long distance the ball of my feet are uncomfortable with some discomfort in my toes. The shoe also slips on my heels because I am unable to lace them tight because of the ankle. The shoe also squeaks when I walk.

Tillie Brown from Boardman, Ohio

I wanted a shoe that would be comfortable to walk in and stand long hours in. I found such comfort with these shoes. They fit me great and they also look very nice. I can wear them to work and many other places and be comfortable all day. Thank you so much for these shoes.

M K Blue from Northern California

I have very wide feet and it is difficult to find shoes. So difficult that for the first 20+ years of my life, I had to buy men's running shoes. They have changed that for me. This particular model is fabulous. The size is amazingly accurate. It is incredibly comfortable.

Ilene Wolcott from Northport, Michigan

It is almost impossible to find narrow walking shoes these days which make it possible for me to walk long distances. You have them! Do not standardize to one-size fits all like other companies have like Rockport.


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