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No more pain as long as your feet are in New Balance MW577 as they deliver exceeding comfort and exquisite style. The upper is made with refined leather that offers extreme enduringness and an optimal fit too. The material is of high quality and very easy to maintain as well. They can be wiped cleaned with a damp cloth and they will look like a new one. The collar is padded and offers a great support to the feet. Your feet are never going to get tired in them no matter you run in them for hours because they are perfect in every way. The interior is all lined with textile lining that is soft and durable and keep your feet in a complete comfort zone without any sweat as they wick away the moisture and keep the shoe abrasion free all day long. The traditional lacing system offers a perfect fit and also enhances the appeal of the shoe. The reflective detailing increases the visibility level as well. Its PU midsole offer durability to the shoe and also offers extreme cushioning to the feet. The outsole is made up with rubber which is strong yet flexible enough to have a comfortable walk. They can be worn any where even on the street walk. They look really cool and nice so they can be worn with any of your casual attire. They are perfect in every aspect so no one can resist wearing these again and again. The weight is 1 pound. This style is available in the following colors: White, Black / Black.


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Terri A. from Indianapolis, IN

I depend on my Walking 576 Shoes. I am going to have knee surgery in the future, but am not quite ready yet. I alternate between three identical pair of 576 every day. My feet feel great and my ability to walk in greatly enhanced by this great shoe. Before I found this product, knee pain was the order of the day. I am so grateful that I am able to do what I need to do everyday, with much more comfort.

Amy Wong from Queens, Whitestone New York City

I like the squared toe, giving plenty of room for toes to breathe. The style is clean cut and the leather is smooth. The back is supportive and great for walking. Came in mail within a few days and it certainly helped it was free shipping.

Marilyn from Gap, PA

I found this shoe several years ago. It's the best shoe I've found in over 30 years as an RN. I won't buy or wear anything else. When my "work" shoes start looking a little old and worn, I downgrade them to "knock abouts" and buy my next pair for work. (I also have a black pair.)

Bella Lady from Bowie, Maryland

I bought this shoe to wear around the house and when I am out walking. The shoe is sturdy and after wearing them daily for one week, they were broken in. By that, I mean I know how tight to tie the shoe strings across my ankles since I was having some discomfort when the strings were too tight. I really love this shoe.

Sharon Twist from Eagle Creek, OR.

I have a wide foot and can not wear other shoes on the market. My foot is very happy in this shoe. I really like everything about it. I purchased it because of the neat look, not bulky. I have worn it around the house for hours and my feet never hurt. I would recommend it to anyone with a wide foot. You can walk all day long and never have to change your shoes. Don't ever cheapen it and keep the materials the same. Thank you for making a good comfortable shoe.


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