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Erupt out of your shell and run fast on the rugged trails in New Balance MT610 which can take your style to another level. The dynamic comfort will drive you to the next level of perfection after which your expectations will get extremely higher. You can walk on any kind of terrain when your feet are in these fabulous shoes. The upper is made very cushy and comfy as it is built with a breathable mesh that aid to the flexibility level of the shoe and also it is durable enough increase the lifespan of the shoe. On the other side its durable synthetic overlays offer optimal support and cushioning at the same time. To wear this in no time pull on tab at the back has been provided that helps to wear these very easily. To maintain the natural shape of the feet and to have a more personalized fit lacing closure has been provided that not only enhance the look but also offers an optimal fit to the feet. The tongue is also plush so to keep the feet free from debris and abrasion while it also protects the feet from the outer elements. The collar has been padded too to deliver enhanced cushioning. Not only the exterior but the interior has also been designed according to the demands and needs of people. The lining that surrounds the whole feet offers maximum support and cushioning to them while making them feel soft and fragile. The insole is made up with foam that offers ultimate comfort to the feet. IMEVA foam midsole offer more durability to the overall style and it also aid to the flexibility level of the shoe. N-Durance rubber outsole is made to be very durable and strong. The toe box is also spacious enough for the toes to fit in these very easily. The Weight is 13 ounces. You can have this design in the following colors: Grey , Blue / Black , Black / Yellow , Black / Red.


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Aileene from Oakhurst, CA

NB does seem mis-marked as far as sizing goes. I have a very narrow foot and finding shoes that fit and feel good is difficult. I put in innersoles to take up space in the toes since the toe area felt more like a B width than AA. It would be nice if they would make AAA widths, they might feel more like AA. I purchased this shoe for support due to being on my feet on bare cement floors for 5 hours a day and they're doing their job nicely, i.e. no leg or hip aches.

Maggie from New York City

Although the shoes are a little snugger than the size would have indicated, I was prepared for this as others had commented on the sizing. So I ordered with that in mind and lucked out that they just fit. I am very pleased with the shoe.

Dorothy from Kentucky

I really like this shoe. It is well made and comfortable. I have heel spurs and bunions and this shoe helps me walk without pain. It also is a good looking shoe. The only complaint, if you want to call it that, is because it's leather it makes a squeaking noise when I walk. Other than that this an almost perfect shoe.

Nicholson family from Illinois

My daughter has very narrow feet. This style was a little wider but she wanted it for winter wearing so she will be fine with thicker socks. This brand has been a long lasting brand and the styles vary for each person's needs.

Donna from Kentucky

I always bought walking shoes and have never had a problem with fit as I always get the same size. This shoe is more narrow than any I have every had. I am keeping it because I have a very narrow foot and it feels o.k., but it is more narrow than any I have ever purchased.


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