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If seeking to have exquisite style and exceeding comfort then buy New Balance M1540 and enjoy the ride. This running shoe has been designed to attain the highest peaks of stability. If you donít want to sacrifice your comfort and cushioning then you have to wear these shoes and enjoy the magic. This running shoe has been made for the moderate to severe overpronator who seeks to have a great level of cushioning and also ultimate stability. The exterior is all made with mesh which is soft and durable. It also increases the breathability level which means no sweating and a lot of room for the air to come inside and keep your feet fresh all day long. Its synthetic leather overlays offer extreme stability and support to the feet which allow them to be in a complete comfort zone. No-sew structure reduces the irritation level and keeps your feet cushy and comfy the whole day. The upper comprises traditional yet durable lacing closure which is equipped with a plush tongue that helps to reduce lace bruises as well. The lining is all done with textile material which offers great cushioning and ultimate support to the feet. It also creates a favorable environment to the feet. The foot bed is also made up with a thin layer of foam which delivers softness to the feet and also absorbs the sweat that allows you to wear these even without socks. PU insert makes the life of this shoe even longer and for the sensitive feet this is the best option to have. The ACTEVA midsole heighten the resistance level to compression set that helps to make this lighter then any other outsole available in the market. ECAP technology is also applied that offers long lasting enduringness. ABZORB technology is used for the ultimate cushioning of mid sole which helps to wick away the moisture and keep the feet drier and cooler. ROLLBAR technology is applied with the medial and lateral TPU posts which delivers good motion control and helps to have a sturdy and stride ride. The exterior is as good as the interior is. The look is very trendy and it is made functional too. Its outsole is made up with strong and durable rubber which increases the life span of this shoe. They are made if U.S.A. Their Weight is 1pound 1 ounce. It can be purchased in these colors: White / Navy , Black.


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Sara from Northern Neck, Virginia

I have been buying their styles for awhile now because I like a shoe that is comfortable right out of the box. I don't want to have to break it in. I was very satisfied with the service I received and would not hesitate to buy shoes here again.


This shoe is very comfortable. The sole doesn't look thick but the cushioning is awesome. The square toe box does not crowd the toes. My office has a cement floor and at the end of the day, my feet still feel good.


My foot doctor said these are a great shoe for me to wear for the support it gives my fallen arches and other foot problems. I did have to order a half size bigger than I ever wear so they run small. Very comfortable and great looking!

Linda from Indiana

I was wanting to replace my worn 575s and could not find any, so I tried the 576s. I was happy to find that the 576s were just like my old 575s. This is the most comfortable walking shoe I have found.

Deborah from Costa Mesa, CA

Because we have had so much rain lately, I had to wait to wear my new tennis (walking) shoes outdoors, because they are white. This is my third day of wear, and they are very comfortable. Because I have severe degenerative joint disease in my knees, I need sturdy, supportive shoes like these for walking, exercise and to lessen the chance of falling.

E. Sturm from Miami, FL

The last set of eye-holes for the laces are a bit too far to the back of the shoe. This causes some irritation on the front of the ankle when walking. Otherwise it is a fine shoe and I would recommend it.


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