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Mary L. from St. Louis, MO

We purchased this shoe because they are made in America. Also, it is hard to find an extra wide shoe that really is extra wide. We did, however, order 1/2 size larger as advised. The shoes fit well this way and are comfortable.

Alan from Melbourne, Australia

I have a pair of New Balance MX621 (an earlier version) which were bought at a shoe shop in Australia 2 years ago. I liked them a lot, so I ordered a new pair (the latest version MX623) online, quoting exactly the same size/width as the original ones. Alas, the shoes are a different cut. They are narrower and shorter than the MX621s. And the quality is not a good - thinner leather.

KSG from Teaneck, NJ

I wore the 927 (or similar shoe) for the past few years. I tried the 623 due to the color options. For everyday use this shoe is good BUT, when I use it for running or when I am on my feet for a long period of time, my feet are sore at the end of the day. This never happened with the 927. (I waited 3 months to write this review to ensure the shoe was broken in.

Mike from NJ

The MX623 is a really nice shoe. It was comfortable to wear right out of the box and fit great. It's also a nice looking shoe. I had purchased a pair of these a few weeks prior and liked them so much that I bought this pair. I'm very happy with these shoes.

Lane K. from Grants Pass, OR

I've bought their shoes for a long time and have always been happy with them. The 623 is no exception. They feel true to size and width and comfortable from the first time I wore them. I really wish they would bring back the 608 but am very happy with the 623.

Mary from Mishawaka, IN

I was having some difficulty with my feet from many years of diabetes and the doctor suggested these shoes. They are very comfortable and my feet feel the best they have in a long time. Thanks to Shoebuy for having a shoe like this!


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